Welcome to RCSCC Woodstock (Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps)

Welcome Aboard


About Us

We are a youth organization for ages 12 - 18 that provides memories of a life time and the experiences to succeed. The opportunities are endless from going on deployments, exchanges, summer training and making new friends.  We give you the tools to make this your program. Check us out!


Our Commanding Officer (CO) Lt R.Harris


Message From The Cox'n

Through my 6 years here at RCSCC Woodstock I have had many experiences across the program, from the music program at the corps to years at various camps across the country to a deployment on a  Royal Canadian Navy vessel in British Columbia, with my experience at the corps I have led many parades and gone to various competitions through the many branches of the program, as the  Chief Boatswain I also help teach Seamanship Team and rope work. As the Cox'n, I am responsible for overall discipline and deportment of our cadets. 

~CPO2 Grayson Walters